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Annotated entries for many of our favorites

Since 1995, when BOOMERNET began, we have found an incredible number of links of interest to Baby Boomers. We finally had to split them off from the BOOMERNET home page into 2 other separate pages.

This first page contains comments about many of our favorites. There is also another page, the Baby Boomer Link Farm, that contains simple listings of these and many, many more. Our goal is to make it a comprehensive reference guide to "all things Boomer."


QUIZ: Take BOOMERNET's own Baby Boomer Quiz to see if you truly qualify as a "Baby Boomer". Even the questions themselves may stir a few pleasant memories.

FIFTIES: For a great collection of links to the 50's, visit the Fifties Web, which, by the way is "Boomer enhanced" . . . there's "NO SMALL PRINT".

SIXTIES: And for an encyclopedia of 60's links, go back to the Sixties Net.

REMEMBER: And, of course, you'll want to Remember When at another great nostalgia site and take a look at some Midlife Moments with columnist Mike Bellah.

OLDIES: Check out musical blasts from the past at Ron Smith's Oldies Music, including the Number One Songs This Week in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. You can also search for lyrics at Lyrics World -- copyright issues have limited what they can do, but it's still a useful site.

NEW "CLASSIC ROCK": Check out The Hippie Chronicles for some new music in the style of classic rock 'n' roll. A personal favorite is the one where Dan Simons tells us that it's Cool To Be Old. Dan's music sounds kinda like what would have happened if John Lennon had shown up on the "Fleetwood Mac" album or on some of the earlier Eagles or C,S&N material. Enjoy!

CLASSIC ROCK REUNIONS: And speaking of old bands... If you enjoyed the Eagles when they got back together for their Hell Freezes Over tour or Fleetwood Mac when they did The Dance, then try the movie Still Crazy. It chronicles the reunion of the Strange Fruit, one of the best bands that never was. The first cut on the soundtrack says it all:

"And the flame still burns
It's there in my soul
For that unfinished goal..."

OR CLOSER TO HOME: If you prefer the street-corner sound of Brooklyn, rather than the Mersey beat of Liverpool, then take a look at the movie Looking For An Echo, about Vinnie & the Dreamers and how their lives changed after being teen heroes, so many years ago. With a marvelous doo-wop soundtrack and a heart-warming story, it's a fun look at another style of guy group.

MOST #1 HITS: For the true story of the group with the most #1 hits of all time, see Standing in the Shadows of Motown, the history of the Funk Brothers, the studio musicians who made the Motown sound of the '60's. They played on more top hits than the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, and the Beach Boys COMBINED, and yet they remained almost invisible. The soundtrack of their reunion concert takes you back to the sounds of many a mis-spent Boomer youth.

OFF-LINE: When you get tired of surfing, try out a new board game called For The Record, developed by a couple of oldies lovers from Minnesota. As it says on the box, this is "the fun filled 50's, 60's, & 70's rock trivia game!" We've tried it with players from ages 12 to 52 and we all had a groovy time!!

MORE TRIVIA FUN: And then stir up those mental cobwebs with Barbara Jastrab's new book The Oldies Music Aptitude Test. She calls it "trivia fun for armchair deejays." And as legendary Chicago DJ Dick Biondi says about it, "If you are going to have any book on Rock 'n Roll trivia, this should be it!"

OTHER OLD FAVORITES: We were recently privileged to see "Harry Chapin: A Celebration in Song", as performed by Harry's brothers, nieces, father, and former band members. Check Tom Chapin's Official Web Site for these and similar events in your area. If there's one near you, don't miss it!


BOOMERNET RADIO GUIDE: And if you're like me and enjoy listening to actual radio stations from around the world as you surf, then take a look at the BOOMERNET Radio Guide for a sampling of some of the finest stations available today.

GENEALOGY: As we grow older, many of us feel the need to learn more about our ancestors. Because of that, research into our "family trees" has become one of the most active online endeavors. Visit the BOOMERNET Genealogy Guide to learn how to get started on climbing your own family tree.

OTHER BOOMER PAGES: If you're not browsed out yet, then keep on truckin' over to Aging Hipsters or to Cindy's Baby Boomer Link! or to the Boomers International web site, three collections that are full of neat stuff. Also be sure to see Let Life In, the "50 plus Community & Magazine."

BOOMER WOMEN SPEAK: For gals only, be sure to see BoomerWomenSpeak.com, a very active community of Baby Boomer women who tell of their experiences through writing.

GROUPS: If you're interested in (slightly) more formal ties to the boomers around you, then consider joining the American Association of Baby Boomers.

VIETNAM-ERA PROJECT: Two Florida businessmen recently visited Vietnam and discovered hundreds of old G.I. dog tags. See the CNN interview for details. If you or someone you know served in Vietnam, then go to FoundDogTags.com and see if you can help guide these memories of another day back to their original owners or to their surviving family members.

OTHER VIETNAM LINKS: Check out the BOOMERNET Guide to Remembering Vietnam for some of the more useful links and listings that we've found about it. And since "Vietnam" means a country, and not just a war, information is included about both today and yesterday.

BRAIN POWER: Use it or lose it! Research shows that as we age, we have a tendency to lose some of our mental abilities. It doesn't have to be that way! Visit the brain.com site for tools for your head to get ahead. Also see another of our sites, PlayHarderStaySharper.com, for Baby Boomer Toys & Games to help you to "keep gettin' better."

RESEARCH: For more serious research on the Baby Boom generation (and many others), browse through William Murray's Time Page. This is a marvelous resource that has been under development for several years.

NEWS: And finally, of course, visit my personal starting point each day, The BOOMERNET Daily News, for all of the latest news, weather, and sports information.

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