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"For What It's Worth"

For What It's Worth Crosby, Stills, Nash & Friends, 1965-1999
Playlist by Terry Cochran

There have been a number of Crosby, Stills & Nash collections and box sets over the years -- some with Young and some without -- but nowhere can you find any which include any of their earlier works, too. After all, those were the tracks which qualified them to be called a "super group" in the first place, right? Here's a BOOMERNET Fantasy CD which would solve that little problem.

Along with many of the obvious CSN(&Y) hits, there are also a couple of selections from each of their first wildly successful groups -- the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and the Hollies -- plus some of their later solo work, too

1. For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield [Stills]
2. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) - The Byrds [Crosby]
3. King Midas In Reverse - The Hollies [Nash]
4. Sit Down, I Think I Love You - Buffalo Springfield
5. Eight Miles High - The Byrds
6. Stop Stop Stop - The Hollies
7. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - CS&N
8. Marrakesh Express - CS&N
9. Helplessly Hoping - CS&N
10. Woodstock - CSN&Young
11. Teach Your Children - CSN&Y (a)
12. Our House - CSN&Y
13. Ohio - CSN&Y
14. Laughing - David Crosby (a)(b)
15. Love the One You're With - Stephen Stills (c)(d)
16. Chicago/We Can Change the World - Graham Nash (c)
17. So Begins the Task - Manassas [Stills]
18. Immigration Man - Crosby & Nash
19. Just a Song Before I Go - CS&N
20. Wasted on the Way - CS&N (e)
21. Southern Cross - CS&N (e)
22. Sanibel - CSN&Y

(a) Includes Jerry Garcia
(b) Includes Joni Mitchell
(c) Includes Rita Coolidge
(d) Includes John Sebastian
(e) Includes Timothy B. Schmitt

Notes on the more obscure tracks:

  • "King Midas In Reverse" was a 1967 tune written primarily by Nash. It was not a commercial success, but it is still one of the most memorable tunes of the psychedelic music era.
  • Buffalo Springfield only had one top 40 hit (see track 1), but "Sit Down, I Think I Love You" is a 1966 Stills' number which has stood the test of time very well.
  • "Laughing" is a gorgeous Crosby track from his debut solo album of 1971. With excellent pedal steel guitar work by Jerry Garcia (also featured on "Teach Your Children," by the way) and beautiful high harmony by Joni Mitchell, this is a timeless classic.
  • "So Begins The Task" is my favorite from Stills' Manassas era. This 1972 beauty is as intricate and melodic as anything CS&N ever did together.
  • "Sanibel" is the closing track on the last album of new CSN&Y material, 1999's "Looking Forward." It's a lovely tribute to one of my favorite places, which, as the song says, is "just a thousand miles away."

DIY Project:

Yes, kids, you CAN try this at home. You can click on the images in the left margin of the track listings to find CD's for making your own copy of this marvelous Fantasy CD! For even faster results, most of these tracks are also available at Amazon.com as MP3's. You can download them instantly by clicking on the links in the sample player above. Enjoy!

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