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BOOMERNET's Baby Boomer Quiz

Take a few moments and surf down memory lane.

There are certain memories or ideas that set you apart
from your neighbors, if you are a true Baby Boomer.

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Look at the items below. You'll know that you qualify as a true Baby Boomer if you remember...

  • 1. "Cruising" on a Friday night, listening to the Top 40 on your AM radio.
  • 2. How much popcorn you made when you got that first microwave.
  • 3. When there were only 3 TV channels -- and it was so hard to choose what to watch!
  • 4. Where you were when JFK was shot...(or RFK)...(or MLK, Jr.)...
  • 5. When the "Domino Theory" meant something other than planning to have pizza for dinner.
  • 6. Who shot J.R.?
  • 7. How scary it was to open that first Apple II...(or Tandy)...(or Commodore)...to add a card to increase the RAM from 16K all the way up to 64K.
  • 8. When your teenage son or daughter first told you about the Internet.
  • 9. When the Beatles sang "I want to hold your hand" to Ed Sullivan.
  • 10. The unbelievable taste of good ol' Ripple wine.
  • 11. How "neat" it was to hear the Beach Boys actually sing surfing music at the beach, on your transistor radio.
  • 12. When you bought your first car that actually had seatbelts installed.
  • 13. When you said that you'd never trust anyone over 30.
  • 14. What a TV test pattern looked like, when the channel went off the air at midnight.
  • 15. When we gave up trying to win "hearts and minds" and settled for "peace with honor."
  • 16. When the price of gas jumped up to 50 cents per gallon.
  • 17. When everybody did the "bump" in their leisure suits at the disco.
  • 18. Making love, not war, on your way to Woodstock in your flowered VW van.
  • 19. Watching the first man walk on the moon with "one small step..."
  • 20. When Carnaby Street came to Main Street, and everyone wore mini-skirts and platform shoes.
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How many of those items do you remember?
Add up your score and compare with the grade levels below:

  • 16 - 20 remembered: You qualify as a true Baby Boomer -- you were there and remember it all.
  • 11 - 15 remembered: You're probably old enough, but they say that "memory is one of the first things to go..."
  • 6 - 10 remembered: It's nice to have you youngsters join us here today.
  • Less than 6 remembered: Either you're real young or you once were a friend of Timothy Leary's -- wasn't he the one who said "If you remember the '60's, then you weren't really there?"
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