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Albiniak – Furmaga & Lublin, Poland

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Very little information is available about the ancestors of the Albiniak families of America. In fact, there are so few family history researchers seeking this information that there are no formal message boards available on any of the normal services.

The few clues that are available seem to indicate that a few emigrants left the Lublin region (Lubelskie) of the Russian governed section of Poland at the end of the 19th century or early in the 20th century.

This page is being made available to consolidate research tools for this search. Send me an e-mail and let me know if we share an interest in this surname. I would be happy to exchange information with you and/or post your entries to this site.


Albiniak Ancestors

I know very little about this branch of my family tree. I and another researcher (a “cousin-in-law”) gathered the basic information shown below. If you know anything at all about them, please send me an e-mail. I would love to hear from you.

My personal search is for information about John Stanley Albiniak, who was born in “Lubelski”, Poland in 1875 and died in Detroit, Michigan in 1920. His wife Frances Furmaga was born in Poland in 1881 and died in Detroit in 1921. They emigrated from Poland to the USA via Canada early in the 20th century. John’s parents were Pawel Albiniak (also of “Lubelski”) and Katarzyna Kuter.

Vital records from 19th century Russian Poland have become available online in recent years, and I have learned that other ancestor surnames include Mazurek, Kurylo, Czuba, and Wasacz.

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A few specific web references have been found, as shown below:

Offline Note of Interest:

The April 1999 issue of “Martha Stewart Living” featured decorating tips using genealogical charts. Included on pages 230 – 231 was Martha Stewart’s own family tree, showing that her grandmother was Mary Frances Albiniak (1893 – 1976).

In later correspondence with Ms. Stewart’s mother, I learned that yes, her mother’s maiden name was Albiniak “from the town of Janow in Lubelski, Poland.” Unfortunately, she knew as little about her ancestors as I did. Oh well, one step at a time…

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