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Cockerham – Davis Ancestors

Common Locale:
Jackson County, Indiana

William Henry Cockerham married Goldie Louise Davis in Jackson County, Indiana in 1912. Shown on this page are the surnames of four generations of their ancestors (55 out of 60 direct ancestors identified). The majority of these people spent at least part of their lives in Jackson County, including several of the original settlers of 1810 – 1820. Send me an e-mail and let me know if we share an interest in one or more of these surnames. I would be happy to exchange information with you.

Surname Locations Oldest
Acton Eng-VA-KY-IN James (1746)
Allman PA-VA-IN Johann (1738)
Ballard Eng-VA-KY William (1556)
Brewer PA-IN Benjamin (1729)
Cockerham NC-KY-IN-IL William (1774)
Cotton VA-KY Margaret (1748)
Davis NY-VA-IN-MI George (1755)
Eastham VA Elizabeth (1750)
Eggleston Eng-VA-KY Richard (1625?)
Elkins VA-KY-IN Richard (1735)
Griffin KY-IN James (1780?)
Harrell VA-KY-IN James (1747)
Hatton VA-IN Rebecca (1815)
Holmes Ire-DE-NC-IN Robert (1697)
Hughes VA-KY-IN Leander (1710)
Langdon Eng-MA-KY-IN Philip (1650)
Matlock Eng-VA-NC-
John (1586)
Pace Eng-VA-KY John (1561)
Salmon MD-DE-IN William (1700?)
Stogsdill MD-NC-KY-IN Edward (1660)
Watkins VA-KY-IN James (1755?)
Weddle Ger-Hol-MD-
Joseph (1715?)
West VA Susanna (1726)
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