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Starting in 2009 as the best new folk rock band in ages, Dawes captured that Laurel Canyon sound and brought it into the modern era. Now playing everything from pop-soul to blues-roots, David Letterman has described them as “Pretty much all you need in a rock ‘n’ roll band.” Here’s a video history of Dawes. Enjoy!

  1. When My Time Comes (2009)
  2. That Western Skyline (2010)
  3. My Girl to Me (2010)
  4. God Rest My Soul (2010)
  5. Time Spent in Los Angeles (2011)
  6. Coming Back to a Man (2011)
  7. If I Wanted Someone (2012)
  8. A Little Bit of Everything (2013)
  9. Just Beneath the Surface (2013)
  10. From a Window Seat (2013)
  11. Most People (2013)
  12. Something in Common (2013)
  13. Someone Will (2014)
  14. Right on Time (2015)
  15. Things Happen (2015)
  16. Somewhere Along the Way (2015)
  17. Don’t Send Me Away (2015)
  18. All Your Favorite Bands (2015)
  19. When the Tequila Runs Out (2016)
  20. We’re All Gonna Die (2016)
  21. Quitter (2017)
  22. Less Than Five Miles Away (2017)
  23. Crack the Case (2018)
  24. Never Gonna Say Goodbye (2018)
  25. Living in the Future (2018)

Dawes consists of:
Taylor Goldsmith (lead vocals and guitar)
Griffin Goldsmith (drums and backup vocals)
Wylie Gelber (bass guitar)
Tay Strathairn (keyboards and backup vocals, 2009, 2010-2015)
Alex Casnoff (keyboards and backup vocals, 2009-2010)
Lee Pardini (keyboards and backup vocals, 2015-present)
Duane Betts (guitar in touring band, 2015-2016)
Trevor Menear (guitar in touring band, 2016-present)

See tour schedule at band website:

North Hills (2009)
Nothing Is Wrong (2011)
Stories Don’t End (2013)
All Your Favorite Bands (2015)
We’re All Gonna Die (2016)
Passwords (2018)

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