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Delta Rae (Live)

Delta Rae plays country, folk, blues, and good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll — and they do it with more energy than any other band in America. If you get the chance to see them “live”, go do it. They really rock the house!

  1. The Morning Comes (2014)
  2. Long and Happy Life (2016)
  3. Bottom of the River (2012)
  4. Is Anyone Out There? (2012)
  5. My Whole Life Long (2015)
  6. All Good People (2016)
  7. If I Loved You (2014)
  8. Scared (2015)
  9. Do You Ever Dream? (2016)
  10. No Peace in Quiet (2017)
  11. Whatchya Thinking ‘Bout Baby? (2012)
  12. Run (2015)
  13. One Good Cry (2018)
  14. The Wrong Ocean (2016)
  15. I Moved South (2016)
  16. Hands Dirty (2018)
  17. Take Me There (I’m All Yours) (2018)
  18. No Dry Eye in the Chapel (2018)
  19. Dance in the Graveyards (2015)

Delta Rae consists of:
Ian Hölljes (vocals and guitar)
Eric Hölljes (vocals, guitar, piano and keys)
Brittany Hölljes (vocals)
Elizabeth Hopkins (vocals)
Mike McKee (percussion)
Grant Emerson (bass guitar)

See tour schedule at band website:

Carry the Fire (2012)
After It All (2015)

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