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Family Tree

Need To Know: As we grow older, many of us feel the need to learn more about our ancestors. Because of that, research into our “family trees” has become one of the most active online endeavors. From cryptic comments to 30-generation files, you can find it all on the web today. In fact, choosing a few good starting points can be one of the most challenging tasks. Our primary goal here is to help you get started.

Information Available: There is a great deal of genealogy information available. Much of it is freely provided by individual researchers, but there are also excellent commercial sites which can be of great assistance. This is one area that has proven to be a successful online business model for many. As shown below, we highlight some of the most widely used sites for you.

Caution Needed: As you trace the different branches of your family tree, however, be sure to always seek out copies of the original source documents. It is all too easy to incorporate other people’s errors into your own work, so special care is needed. Try not to sacrifice the quality of your data for the sake of the vast quantity available.

Starting Points: With that caveat aside, there are several excellent starting points shown below:

  • Global Search & Message Board sites can assist you in determining what types of information might be out there already. As above, though, these should be accepted as starting points for your research (and not as proven end points).
  • Other Resources are available, too — and in an almost endless supply! Dig in and enjoy…
  • Personal Links for use in my own research activities are also shown. Send me an e-mail and let me know if we share an interest in one or more of these surnames. I would be happy to exchange information with you.

Global Search & Message Boards

  • RootsWeb.com, the oldest and largest free genealogy site
  • Ancestry.com, primarily fee-for-service, but with a huge collection
  • FamilySearch from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • GenForum from Genealogy.com

Other Major Resources

Helpful Links: Helpful links submitted by other genealogy enthusiasts include:

Personal Links

Acton Cockerham Elkins Hughes Salmon
Allman Cotton Griffin Langdon Stogsdill
Ballard Davis Harrell Matlock Watkins
Brewer Eastham Hatton Mellenger Weddle
Chessly Eggleston Holmes Pace West
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