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Vietnam Map Links

Along with the more general map resources shown on this site, there are many other web pages which are devoted to maps and map data for specific areas within the country. Some of the more detailed ones are shown below, along with links to pages showing map coordinates and/or descriptions of various landing zones (LZ’s), fire support bases (FSB’s) and other military locations.

Area Map Collections
I Corps – North 3rd Marine Div – Map Room
I Corps – Central 7th Marines – Map Room
I Corps – South &
II Corps – North
1st Bn 69th Armor – AO
II Corps – North 1/92nd Field Artillery – Map Room
II Corps – South
III Corps – Northwest 4th Bn 9th Infantry – AO Maps
Saigon Area
IV Corps

# See Map Room 1 at vietvet.org for maps of this area

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